How to Get Six Pack Abs

January 2, 2009

Six Pack Abs

How do you get Six Pack Abs?

There is no easy way to get them!

Don’t fall for all the scams out there which promise fast results!

It does require effort on your behalf to get six pack abs.

It is an attainable goal if you follow the simple steps.

  • You must lose weight. You can’t lose weight just around the abs. Weight loss can never be localized. It can only be done surgically.
  • Follow a high protein low carb diet. You can’t afford to lose muscle when you lose weight.
  •  Low calorie diets low in protein cause lean muscle tissue loss. This will slow the process of weight loss. The more lean muscle tissue you have the faster the weight loss is.
  • Fat accumulation is nature’s safety mechanism. It prevents humans from starvation. The body will sacrifice muscle before it gives up the fat!
  • Your body can never feel it is starving or the metabolism will slow way down.
  • You must exercise daily using as many muscles at once as possible. You don’t need to exercise for long periods, 10 to 15-minutes is all!

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